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Gost 23735 93

Gravel-sand mixtures according to the grain composition must meet the requirements of GOST 23735, and gravel and sand, which are part of these mixtures, - GOST 8267-93. "Crushed stone and gravel from dense rocks for construction work." (179kB) and GOST 8736-93. "Sand for construction work." (106kB) respectively. Crushed stone and gravel fractions from 5 to 10 mm, from 10 to 20 (15) mm, from 20 (15) to 40 mm, and also mixtures of these fractions are used to prepare mixtures and asphalt concrete. Mineral powder, which is part of mixtures and asphalt concrete, must meet the requirements of GOST 16557. It is allowed to use industrial waste (ground basic metallurgical slag, ash, ash and slag) as porous and highly porous asphalt concrete, as well as for dense asphalt concrete of grades II and III. mixtures, dust-entrainment of cement plants, etc.). Viscous petroleum bitumens in accordance with GOST 22245 and liquid in accordance with GOST 11955, as well as polymer-bitumen binders and modified bitumen according to the technical documentation agreed in the prescribed manner.

gost 23735 93



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