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Teamviewer 5 Full Version Download

Because TeamViewer gives people access to not just one computer, but to many others, there are a few additional features. One of these is the Collaboration area. Within it, users can create personal folders containing important files, such as MS Office documents, that others can use. Users can also create shared folders of their projects and invite guests into their projects.

teamviewer 5 full version download

TeamViewer Communications Manager is built to integrate smoothly with related services. It works well, but has a few bugs that could frustrate users. For example, if youre using Skype, you can set up communication with other people.

Its second drawback is that it does not offer all of the features of the competitors. Microsoft Lync is an advanced and fully integrated contact manager, which is great for businesses. One feature that TeamViewer could offer is Avatars, which let people communicate with other people through a short photo.

Because TeamViewer targets both consumer and corporate users, it has specific features for each group. For starters, there is a consumer version known as TeamViewer Free. It offers basic features, such as a mobile app, audio and video, and display sharing. It costs $99.

The advanced version, TeamViewer Enterprise, is best for businesses. It offers collaboration tools to manage work projects and tasks, integrates with your existing systems, and works well with applications like MS Office. TeamViewer Enterprise costs $300.

For more information on the product, check out the website. Like all remote desktop managers, TeamViewer lets users have full control over a computer. This means you can access it remotely and use it for any purpose. With the new features, more people are likely to try this.


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