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Download Film Malaysia Project Memikat Suami 13l

Download Film Malaysia Project Memikat Suami 13l

If you are looking for a romantic comedy film from Malaysia, you might want to check out Projek Memikat Suami, which means Project to Attract Husband in English. This film is based on a novel of the same name by Hanina Abdullah, and it stars Aiman Hakim Ridza and Emma Maembong as the main characters. The film was released in 2013 and it has 13 episodes, each about 48 minutes long.

The story revolves around Nawwal Husna, a young woman who returns to her homeland after finishing her studies abroad. She is shocked to learn that her parents have arranged a marriage for her with Zahrain Alimin, a man who does not like her at all. Nawwal Husna agrees to the marriage for the sake of her parents, and she tries to win over her husband's heart with the help of her sisters, who are known as Master-ji and Side-kick. However, Zahrain Alimin has his own plans to make Nawwal Husna leave him as soon as possible. Will Nawwal Husna succeed in her project to attract her husband? Will Zahrain Alimin melt his ice-cold heart and fall in love with Nawwal Husna? What challenges and obstacles will they face along the way?

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If you want to watch this film, you can download it from [sooka], a streaming platform that offers various Malaysian TV shows and movies. You can also find more information about the film on [Wikipedia] or read some reviews on [Weebly]. Projek Memikat Suami is a film that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon with its witty dialogues, charming characters, and sweet romance.


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