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The Battle Begins... Goku Where Are You Full Movie Free Download

Elsewhere Elec has summoned the dragon and is amazed by the sight. Toronbo asks for his wish and the wish is made off-screen. After Goku, Vegeta and Granolah react in shock to the immense power approaching them, Oil and Macki proudly present Gas - now the strongest in the universe - to their foes. Gas fires off a beam that cuts the land, causing everyone to dodge while almost being hit. The beam ends up destroying Granolah's ship then quickly incapacitates Granolah. Goku tries to intervene but Gas binds Goku with energy constructs. He soon recognizes Goku as Bardock's son. Gas inquires if his father still lives but Vegeta explains that Frieza saw to the destruction of their race along with Bardock. The Heeters are not fazed and settle for killing Goku and the remnants of the Saiyans. Before he can kill Goku, he is attacked by Granolah and the two battle, with Gas easily beating down his rival. As this happens, Monaito frees Goku from the binds and heals him. Having been healed by Monaito, Goku transforms into his Perfected Super Saiyan Blue form to try and buy time, but Gas easily takes him down too.

The Battle Begins... Goku Where Are You Full Movie Free Download


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