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[S1E4] Home ((HOT))

Homer tries to prove his point to Bart, Lisa, and Marge by taking them on a tour of the neighborhood and peeking in windows to observe other families. The excursion makes the others uncomfortable for invading these families' privacy, and one homeowner shoots at them for trespassing. A depressed Homer visits Moe's Tavern, where he sees a television advertisement for Dr. Marvin Monroe's Family Therapy Center. Enticed by Monroe's guarantee of "family bliss or double your money back", Homer decides to sign the Simpsons up for an appointment.

[S1E4] Home


The episode was released first on home video in the United Kingdom, as part of a VHS release titled The Simpsons Collection; the episode was paired with season one episode "Bart the General".[10] It was released in the US on the VHS release The Best of The Simpsons, Vol. 1 (1997), paired with "Life on the Fast Lane".[11] It was later re-released in the US in a collector's edition boxed set of the first three volumes of The Best of The Simpsons collections.[12] It was re-released in the UK as part of a VHS boxed set of the complete first season, released in November 1999.[13] The episode's debut on the DVD format was as a part of The Simpsons season one DVD set, which was released on September 25, 2001. Groening, Jean, and Reiss participated in the DVD's audio commentary.[14] A digital edition of the series' first season was published December 20, 2010 in the United States containing the episode, through Amazon Video and iTunes.[15]

It was 1984, and the Pasha family had just arrived in Brooklyn from Pakistan. They had nowhere to go, but Parveen Pasha was doing everything she could to keep her family out of the homeless shelter. Enter the landlady.

SHAHEEN PASHA: It was just a constant dance. When he was better, he would immediately go get a job and he would come home and he'd be singing and he'd buy fruit and all these things and then it would change. He would sit in darkness. He wouldn't talk, he'd stay up all night and so, I was kind of born into that environment.

STEPHANIE FOO: The landlady lived alone. She was a widow, so she told Parveen to make herself at home and use as much space as she needed. But Parveen insisted on using only one room. And then she went to go get the kids from school. Shaheen remembers walking into an apartment that smelled of beer and cigarettes.

SHAHEEN PASHA: They're watching people with tiki torches. They're watching people talking about Muslim bans. And for them it really hit hard because they called themselves Pakistani-American because of the culture, but they've never been to Pakistan. Their home is America. This is where they belong. This is where they're from. And they were watching people on TV, these rallies and statements being made about how they weren't real Americans or they need to go back home. 041b061a72


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