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Hi everyone, Im James from Geeky Game Stuff and Im happy to bring you the story of the struggle between a recovering addict and his two kids - the oldest of which is autistic. A family who's life is affected when the addict / father dies in a car accident, with the man's wife dying a little while later. The mother in law soon moves in and takes over managing the kids, which cause massive conflicts in the family. When the kids finally grow up the family members find that even though they are adult they feel like they are still with their childhood friends as they are still fighting the same issues and conflicts that they had when they were younger.In this animated short film, I was inspired to make something that would make people relate to me as a person and people who are struggling with the same things that I am. We all struggle with things in life whether it be to deal with a drug addiction, or to deal with a mental illness, or to deal with a family who isnt supportive of you. I made this short film to help people understand what its like to be a struggling single mom while trying to recover from a drug addiction. Enjoy! I hope you guys like the animation and it gives people a better understanding of what its like to live with a mental illness. Thanks for watching!-James 2D animator ; Tuto Para Duplicar Tela>trell ; androida adbcommand Download> ; download review ; 2012 NAB EBS Humpshake WebDesign Buildout Templates Cracked Download>

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