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Where To Buy Lutron Products

Forward Phase - Also known as leading edge, incandescent, MLV, or triac-based dimming. The vast majority of dimmers installed today are this type. This is a line-voltage dimming method.Reverse Phase - Also known as trailing edge, ELV, or FET-based dimming. Luminaries with electronic supplies are best controlled with these types of dimmers.3-Wire - A line-voltage dimming method where power is delivered over a dedicated Switched Hot wire, and the phase control dimming signal is sent over a separate line-voltage Dimmed Hot wire.0-10V - A low-voltage dimming protocol defined in IEC standard 60929-E2. Luminaries that use this standard provide a voltage, which the control forces to 10V for high end and 1V for low end. All fixtures on the same 0-10V link must go to the same light level.PWM - A low-voltage dimming protocol defined in IEC standard 60929-E3. It uses the duty-cycle of a signal to communicate light level to a fixture. All fixtures on the same PWM link must go to the same level.DMX - A low-voltage dimming protocol, formally called USITT DMX512-A. It provides high-speed individual control of up to 512 fixtures over a digital link.EcoSystem - A digital protocol developed by Lutron and based of the DALI standard (IEC60929-E4). It provides individual fixture control for up to 64 fixtures over a digital link.Switched - Fixtures designated as Switched are unable to be adequately dimmed with Lutron dimmers.

where to buy lutron products


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I just bought a lutron claro switch to test out on advice from this article and it also has brand name on it, so may want to update that part of the review. I would agree lutron does feel more solidly built in both the switch mechanics and the mounting plate. Do think its worth noting the ridge with claro plate design that is likely to collect dust and crumbs especially with kids. I really wish radiant plates just used a better mounting mechanism as they are much more attractive looking :(

Lutron shading systems specialize in superior motorized window treatments, where we are in class of our own. We took the idea of motorized window shading and propelled it to the 21st century technological standards with highly sophisticated motors with built-in computers.

Lutron has been very good about integrating its smart-home products with other services; not only do the Serena shades work with Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings and Apple's HomeKit, but you can also pair Lutron's products with thermostats from Honeywell, Nest, Carrier, and Ecobee, as well as Sonos systems.

Unfortunately we do not have any support for color tuning of our products using Lutron systems. If you have any additional information on the specific Lutron product you are interested in, we would be more than happy to provide further information on our color tunable products to see if they would be a good fit.

Lutron was founded in 1961. Today, over 45 years later, Lutron is still devoted to controlling lighting. Lutron products adjust the intensity of virtually every kind of light, and we remain to this day the only company that provides an integrated solution for controlling both natural daylight as well as electrical lighting. Lutron can offer you the best value lighting control solutions that will meet or exceed your expectations while staying within your budget. 041b061a72


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