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- Flawlessly performed SNCO expediter duties; led tm of 45 prsnl/9 acft--contributed to 90.4% MC rate FY 07 - Chosen as FCC for Dyess AFB airshow; staged guided acft tour for host unit DVs--efforts praised by Sr ldrshp - Meticulous NCO; drove 10 product quality deficiency report submissions--recovered $110K in warranty credit - Ramrodded "Red Ball" mx; replaced frayed crew door cable/pulley 1hr below std--secured Jt forces tng sortie - Donated 12 hrs to St. Patricks church; provide logistic spt/moved 8K lbs of furniture--bolstered base relations - Systematically coordination duties for AMU Superintendent retirement ceromony--event lauded by 150 people - Seized opportunity; successfully completed C-130J engine run school--increased Sq combat airlift capabilities - Highly skilled mgr; completed AF Institute of Tech Six-Sigma Lean mgmt crs--boosted professional knowledge - Tm leader for critical elevator flex drive insp; ID'd/installed missing clamps--avoided potential trim tab failure - Participated in AFSO21, combined consolidated tool kit; ID'd 60 tasks for improvement--applauded by Gp CC - Attention to detail; ID'd cracked exhaust nozzle; skillfully replaced - Expert sortie production; generated 950 sorties/2,583 flying hrs; impressive for new AMU--promotion justified- Focused personnel on disciplined mx, right way/first time--drove repeat/recur rate to - Directed/developed acceptance insp requirements; completed 7 aircraft cks--enabled AMC's new weapon sys - Tm ldr for 2 HSC insps; 220 mx actions; vital to 463 AG's 7th consecutive AFOUA--promotion well deserved!

- Dplyd 126 days to Ali AL Salem AB, Kuwait; 1.9K sorties/3.8K flt hrs flown--450 cargo tons/15K pax moved - Led 4 home station checks; IDd cracked rear bearing spt; earned "zero defect" QA eval--aided 91% QVI rate - IDd loose afterbody bracket bolts; led local insp on 12 acft/48 propellers--prevented damage to $12M assets - Asst'd Japanese AF replacing leaking propeller; saved OIF resupply msn--enhanced int'l coalition relationship - Vol'd for dplyd Sq holiday party committee; coord'd planning of festivities; enhanced Sq morale for 150 Amn - Ambassador in blue; coached youth football pgm for third consecutive yr--taught tm building skills to 16 youths - Developed/implemented 15K forklift/crane tng plan; trained 8 Amn--doubled section's critical task qual'd prsnl - Certified 6 Amn on C130E eng run procedures; inc'd available qual'd prsnl by 30%--pivotal to 75% MC rate - Led 30 Amn as dplyd shift NCOIC; replaced 15 propellers/6 engs--earned ground safety awd during dplymnt - Supervised 42 Amn as shop NCOIC for 8 mos; repaired 1.5K acft discrepancies--key to 12K safe flt hrs FY 09 - Stepped up to perform SNCO expediter duties; led 16 Amn/7 AFSCs--essential to 60 sorties/81 flt hrs Dec '08 - Created canned eng parts tracking form; ensured timely install of parts; Sq NCO of mo Feb '09--promote now! - Handpicked to lead mx tm for Horn of Africa msn; R2d propeller float switch--augmented AFRICOM stand up - Repaired AOR's only fuel nozzle tester; saved AF $48K; iced dplyd 95% MC rate--beat AFCENT std by 20% - R2d eng shaft plug; solved repeat propeller low oil light malf; essential to 94% WW dep rel rate--MSgt now!

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- Deployed to Balad AB, Iraq, in spt of OIF; 26.6K pax/3.9K tons cargo delivered/1K trucks/buses averted IEDs - Disc/repaired prop oil light malf during servicing ck; "zero defects" from QA--88% MC rate, 13% above std - Keen eye; troubleshot/replaced worn flap jackscrew; OEF msn success--1.9K insurgents moved to prison - Prep'd/launched 2 acft for no-notice Iraqi presidential DV msn; 100% msn effect--777 AOR's "Go-To-Unit" - Supported AF Sgt's Assoc; utilized off-duty time for security detail at Alltel arena event--helped raise $2,500 - Actively involved with Toys for Tots program; collected $500/75 toys--raised spirits of deprived children - Accomplished C-130E/H/J aero repair mx course; enhanced flight line capabilities/increased sys knowledge - Vol'd to train/serve as eqmt/weapons custodian in austere loc; secured 120+ firearms/ammo--unlimited rdyness - Headed up team of vols; relocated deployed member's belongings to new home--personified wingman concept - Team player! Aided hydraulics troop with hose fitting repair on repeat failure--saved $2K in replacement cost - Flawlessly executed expediter duties, normally SNCO role; key to deployed unit's outstanding 98% dep-rel - Led DCC HSC team; comp'd 5-day insp 2-days early/200 disc--7/7 QA evals w/"zero defects"--promote now - Dedicated trainer; instructed two new Amn on preventative mx practices--increased shop qualifications 20% - Discovered 4 cracked eng mount bolts; efforts averted possible catastrophic failure--saved $14M in AF assets - Coord 3 Red Ball mx actions/10 OIF launches; enabled Gp to earn 7th consecutive AFOUA--promote to MSgt


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