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Inside of a RER train station, access to the train platforms is restricted by the use of turnstiles or double door gates. Below is a photo at Auber Paris RER station of turnstile barriers accepting both paper tickets and Navigo passes:

Ill Gates Template Rar

  • "Love Music, Hate Racism":The Cultural Politics of the Rock Against Racism Campaigns, 1976-1981Ashley DawsonCollege of Staten Island, City University of New 2005 Ashley Dawson.All rights reserved.In his classic study of post-1945 youth subcultures, Dick Hebdige suggests that Black British popular culture served as a template for defiant white working class subcultural practices and styles (29). The kind of affiliatory cultural politics that Hebdige describes is best exemplified in the little-studied Rock Against Racism (RAR) campaign of the late 1970s. As Paul Gilroy stresses in There Ain't No Black in the Union Jack, his seminal analysis of British culture and nationalism, unlike much of the Left at the time, RAR took the politics of youth cultural style and identity seriously.[1] Surprisingly, neither Gilroy himself nor subsequent cultural historians have extended his brief discussion of RAR; as a result, our understanding of this movement, its cultural moment and its contradictions remains relatively undeveloped. This is particularly unfortunate since, unlike previous initiatives by members of Britain's radical community, RAR played an important role in developing the often-latent political content of British youth culture into one of the most potent social movements of the period. In 1978 alone, for instance, RAR organized 300 local gigs and five carnivals in Britain, including two enormous London events that each drew audiences of nearly 100,000. Supporters of RAR claim that the movement played a pivotal role in defeating the neo-fascist threat in Britain during the late 1970s by quashing the electoral and political appeal of the National Front. Although there has been debate about the ethics and efficacy of the campaign, there can be little doubt that RAR provoked a rich and unprecedented fusion of aesthetics and politics.

They want things that will make their professional lives even easier than we, in IT, struggle to make it. Unfortunately, in IT, we are in the habit of saying, "Yes." I have seen directors and CTOs create special exceptions for other high-ranking users to garner favors and popularity, but also because they are scared for their own position. This is lazy; this is arrogant; this is stupid, but this is most of all, human. We human beings are the system attacked by social engineering, and then we leave ourselves open by falling prey to our insecurities, giving an attacker an invitation to storm our gates. All IT needs to learn how to say is "No," and IT management needs to be strong and stubborn for the good of a company. One of the best ways to protect your company from social engineers is to learn how to say, "No." Keep politics and climbing the office ladder out of IT security.


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