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Buy Sell Trade Jordans

We are a buy sell trade store located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta and Snellville, GA. We provide a wide selection of premium shoes such as Jordans, Nikes & Yeezys. We also have a selection of premium streetwear such as VLone, BAPE, Supreme, ASSC & more.

buy sell trade jordans

Crossroads is your one-stop shop to sell, offering consignment on your high-end designer items, with payouts up to 70% in cash. If you have an item you would prefer to consign versus sell outright, just ask!

When they arrive, the Alex and Brian got to work, setting up shop at a table they paid for with some friends. Soon, it was on. The two go into a flurry of negotiation tactics and bargaining, as hundreds of dollars trade hands.

It quickly becomes apparent that Alex knows this game well. He has brought a pair of glow-in-the-dark signature shoes of NBA star Lebron James that he bought for $250 and sells at the convention for $340.

On one of those Saturday mornings, back at Alex's house, the teen has his eye on a pair of Nike Air Jordan 11 Lows. He gets ready by opening up a different webpage for every company that will sell the shoes -- seven in all -- in hopes of snagging just one pair.

What started as a side hustle became a full-blown storefront for pastor-turned-shoe seller Spencer Welch. After discovering how much he could really make from his hobby, he opened up a storefront in July with his wife Meagan and never looked back.

StockX and other resale platforms grew with the help of a committed vendor pool: young people who were willing to get up early to be first in line at the latest signature sneaker drop. Then they hoped to make some money on reseller sites and avoid taking a boring summer job.

We want to buy your vintage (20+ years old) clothes. Below is a list of the types of items we look for. If you have something that is not on the list, but you think we might be interested in it, you can still feel free to bring it by! Contact with any questions. No appointment is necessary unless you need to schedule a time to sell outside of business hours.

The process: You are welcome to bring in as much as you can carry. (Larger orders may take longer depending on store traffic.) From your items, we will select the pieces we believe we can sell and give you a cash quote for them equalling approximately 40% (50% in store credit) of our projected in-store price. Cash is paid out on the spot. Store credit can be kept on file for later use. Please plan on taking back with you any items we do not select, as we do not yet have an outlet for bulk donations. 041b061a72


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