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Better Fast Travel Skyrim Special Edition

This may be an engine bug, but I didn't see it mentioned after performing a search on this forum or the Skyrim forum. In my current game I'm unable to fast travel and get the message, "Fast Travel is not permitted from this location". I investigated my current mods and couldn't find a cause there, then read a posting on the Wiki ( :920357). Basically, I just entered a console command (player.moveto 000198ab) and, after teleporting, I was able to fast travel as normal. Is this something that can be addressed in the patch?

Better Fast Travel Skyrim Special Edition

i was outside High Hrothgar heading down the steps. I tried several other saves from different outside locations and couldn't fast travel from any of them. First time this has happened to me. I've had no problems with fast travel on other games. So it's not normal behavior. But it works fine now from this game since I used the console to fast travel that first time. Not a big deal now. Just a bit frustrating trying to figure out what was wrong.

The only thing I've ever used the console for is to change the timescale. Better Fast Travel - Ships and Carriages is a loose files version since the mod author has not transferred to Skyrim SE. The loose files version disables fast travel, but I tried editing the file to remove that and it made no difference. I also tried disabling the mod (as a test only) and that also made no difference. You might argue that the fast travel command is embedded in my game, but fast travel works fine after I used the console to teleport. In any case, thanks for your response.

If you've been using console commands (like "moveto" or "coc") then chances are your game save is corrupted and could be the reason why you're getting this problem. I've never been unable to fast travel except in areas where you aren't supposed to or when an enemy is nearby.

@Leonardo: Well I've left High Hrothgar and don't have a save from there, but I can run down at Whiterun. I don't understand the reference to running and corrupt game. There was no enemy close by nor was I overloaded. In fact, I've tried fast traveling from several save games/locations and can't fast travel unless I first use the teleport command I described above.

@BlackPete: The only console command I've used is to change the time scale. Although I used the moveto command to test whether that would resolve the fast travel issue, I didn't save after that based on Imstearn's warning. So I'm still unable to fast travel.

OK, I'm an idiot. I started a new game and disabled BFT and all the new mods. Turns out that it's not a problem with any of my mods -- it's Survival mode that disables fast travel. If I don't enable Survival mode, then I can fast travel. I thought I had looked up the description before, but now I see that the description on clearly says that fast travel is disabled. Strange thing, however, is that if I enable Survival mode as soon as I exit the Helgen cave when the pop-up asks, then fast travel is disabled (even if I disable Survival mode later). If I say no to that pop-up and enable Survival mode later, I can still fast travel while in Survival mode. So I guess there is a bug in that esl file. Note that no console commands were used in this test.

Strange thing, however, is that if I enable Survival mode as soon as I exit the Helgen cave when the pop-up asks, then fast travel is disabled (even if I disable Survival mode later). If I say no to that pop-up and enable Survival mode later, I can still fast travel while in Survival mode. So I guess there is a bug in that esl file.

Fast Travel is a method of travel in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is a way of quickly "teleporting" to any previously discovered location. The travel takes place almost instantaneously in real-world time through a loading screen, but in game time will still pass by as if the Dragonborn had walked there. When using fast travel, the time elapsed may be longer than the time it would have taken to run to the destination, especially when the distance is short.

With Dawnguard, fast travel can also be done between Castle Volkihar and the main island of Skyrim by boat. With Dragonborn, the initial trip to Solstheim must be by boat. (Conventional fast travel can be used later, between the docks at Windhelm and Raven Rock.)

Updated June 29, 2022 by Erik Petrovich: Skyrim Anniversary Edition introduced a ton of new and returning official addons for the now decade-old RPG, including Skyrim survival mode camping and dozens and dozens more. For Survival Mode Skyrim changes a lot about the way players experience the world: temperature matters, for example, and fast travel is disabled to force players to explore the world on foot. Some of the mechanics of Skyrim Survival Mode are a bit enigmatic, but in each entry below tables lay out these new effects and systems with basic explanations of how they change the vanilla game. Skyrim survival mode is a really neat addition to the game, but it's a death sentence if you go in blind - especially on higher difficulties.

Survival Mode features a litany of changes to the game that fundamentally alter how a player experiences the world of Skyrim. There are new racial passives to consider, fast travel is disabled, and players have new status effects to maintain or suffer the consequences.

Horses can be earned in Riften by challenging Hofgrir, the stable owner, to a brawl. Once you win the battle of fists, he will offer to sell a horse to you. If you say that you would rather walk then he calls you cheap and you can ride the Riften horses for free. The free horse will walk away after dismounting. Although the horse is not technically not owned by the player, it will travel with you when you fast travel. A benefit to earning and using this free horse is that you can simply go to Riften and take a new horse if yours dies in battle which saves 1,000 of your hard earned gold.

You can fast travel from any exterior location to any location marked on your in-game map and which you have discovered (visited). Discovered locations are indicated on your map or compass with light-colored markers. Dark-colored markers, on the other hand, are places you have had marked on your map but have not yet discovered yourself, and therefore are not available for fast travel. Although fast travel transports you "instantly", a more "realistic" amount of game time will have passed upon arrival; however, such elapsed travel times are the same whether on foot or horseback.

You cannot fast travel when near any hostile enemies, when overencumbered (unless you are on a horse), nor when falling, jumping, or during the animation of mounting a horse. Fast travel is totally disabled when playing in Survival Mode, except while riding a dragon.

Firstly, I have the Better Fast Travel mod for you. This Skyrim mod introduces fast travel in Oldrim via carriages and boats. The carriages operate in small towns and have fares based on the distance traveled. As a result, you get to have a much more immersive travelling experience. Moreover, its pricing is also customizable in the MCM menu. Cool, right? You can set a more realistic pricing system now.

This simple mod disables fast travel in Skyrim, allowing you to move on foot, on a horse, stagecoach or in a ferry. So get this mod for Skyrim Special Edition and Oldrim from the links below. No more fast travel!

This mod overhauls the transport system in Skyrim. As a result, you can fast travel both in Special Edition and Oldrim. The carriages and ferries in Skyrim have been overhauled to offer you realistic prices and a better mode of traveling. Moreover, the mod also features some cut carriage dialogues, making the experience more immersive.

Like other open world games, Skyrim gives you the ability to fast travel to locations you've visited on the map. But it's worth noting that you can fast travel as soon as the game begins, well before the game tells you that you can do so.

While Skyrim is primarily played from a first-person perspective, you can actually switch it to a third-person view. This can be a useful way to better your awareness of your surroundings, especially in the forest areas early on where wild animals can easily jump you if you're not careful.

I play on Xbox 360 and I've recently restarted my game. I'm not far in the game yet. (Only completed the first dragon fight quest). I'm currently at Riverwood and whenever I fast travel, the loading screen will be there for about 10 seconds then it completely freeze for ages. It happens also when I turn my Xbox back on after turning it all off. Should I delete some saves?

The Dev Aveza acts as a movable player home. In the Classic Edition, there is a manual next to the fast-travel map on the first floor inside the ship. In order to fast-travel, set a location and go back outside. Activating the steering wheel will move you and the ship to your chosen location. 350c69d7ab


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