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Solidworks Flow Simulation Serial Number 2014 [Extra Quality]

What is my SOLIDWORKS serial number? Which SOLIDWORKS version and service pack am I currently running? You may have asked yourself these questions or needed to know the answer in order to receive technical support or run an upgrade. There are different ways to find your serial number, but in this blog, we will see one method. Start SOLIDWORKS, Select Help Menu and pick About SOLIDWORKS as shown in the below image.

solidworks flow simulation serial number 2014

A mathematical model for estimating the coronary blood flow rate and two approaches for setting the patient-specific flow boundary condition were proposed. Coronary branch flow distribution methods based on a volume-flow approach and a diameter-flow approach were employed for the numerical simulation of FFRCT. The values of simulated FFRCT for 16 patients were compared with their clinically measured FFR.


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