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SiM - SEEDS OF HOPE [2011]

you know, it's rare to see a person 'be their natural self' in this day and age, meaning truly expressing their opinion without being afraid of being 'censured' for it. well, in my experience, sometimes that itself is the real art. i've always said and believed that that was the reason people followed american band earth crisis. not because they saw satan, much less were religious, but because the music spoke to them. it still does and it's my pleasure to give the band another chance. so, without further ado, here's my ranking for the best debut albums of the world.

SiM - SEEDS OF HOPE [2011]

every band is special in their own way. whether they are the music, the art, the attitude, or everything. when it comes to metal, especially the genre, it's rare to find bands that are composed of pure, as if from the land of oliver twist, selflessness, and honesty. i know in my past, i wasn't always like that, to say the least. i had some shortfalls, but i've gotten better at it as time went on. but more importantly, the band called earth crisis didn't need to have that any of that. if they had, their music wouldn't have been true to metal's finest principles.

so, as you might remember, i was pretty young when earth crisis first came out (i even went to the concert in richmond va, and it was pretty good). i thought they were right up there with the best at the time, metal acts like rage against the machine, bipolar sunshine, and oathbreaker. just kidding, i never thought rage against the machine and bipolar sunshine were on par with earth crisis. that's where their true greatness lies.


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